Educational Resources

These are educational resources which have been made to improve professional education surrounding key topics in R. All of these resources are free and open source, created by Thomas J Wise, and currently provided to the Office for National Statistics and Amsterdam UMC. These resources come as both independently guided practicals (available online), as worksheets (available to download via github) or as taught workshops. If your business or organization are interested in having one of these (or another session) provided to your employees, through a workshop session please contact Thomas directly.

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Current Resources Available:

  • aRt with R: A creative introduction to data visualisation
  • Data Viz for Research: An introduction to research focused data visualization in R
  • Data Viz for Business 1: An introduction to business focused data visualization in R
  • Data Viz for Business 2: Business focused on publishing plots in R
  • Introduction to Machine Learning: An introduction to tree-based models in R